Day One Thousand and Twelve

Hi Viewers,  

I always have these grand plans when someone first assigns a project. I’m going to go home and work on it and finish it early so I can go back and refine it. The truth is though when you have so long to do something and such a wonderful time with family is happening around you, it’s hard not to drop your work and join them! I used to think this meant that I was slacking or didn’t have the drive to do the homework, but it really just means that spending time with your family and friends just being gleeful, is sometimes more important!! Do you agree that sometimes it’s more important to be having fun with your favorite people in the moment than trying to work super far ahead and missing a lot of the joy around you?!!! I definitely think so :)! But sometimes it’s better to work ahead and have more stress free time to spend in the joy so I guess it depends on the situation! 🙂 Happy Monday! 

“There must always be a balance between work and fun and sometimes fun wins out and sometimes work wins out, but that makes it an even split still” 🙂


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