Day One Thousand and Five

Hi Viewers, 

Today I saw the most spectacular movie, probably the best movie I’ve ever seen, Hidden Figures!!!! It was so well acted by amazing actresses and actors and told such a heart breaking story. I don’t understand something about our world both then and now. I don’t understand why someone is judged based on the color of their skin like it just doesn’t make sense. Why were there separate drinking fountains and bathrooms and schools for black children? I can’t even believe that not only were things like that ever permitted to happen, but also that there is so much racism within our world today!  I think that the world is so much better with people of all races in it and our culture is so much richer! The genuine concept of judging people on their skin tone and being so terrible to them is just the worst thing I’ve ever heard, EVER! We can all start to change the way that people judge others and stop the cycle of negativity with overpowering love and happiness!!! 

“We are all equal and everyone should be treated as such, embraced for their differences and celebrated for their talents and knowledge”:) 

Please if you can go, go see Hidden Figures because it’s one of the best movies ever!!! 



2 thoughts on “Day One Thousand and Five

  1. Samantha, you continue to give me hope for the world. Thank you for sharing your honest feelings about the terrible things that have happened to people due to prejudice and racism. I give thanks for our connection and the positive light you bring to our interfaith work!

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