Day One Thousand and Three

Hi Viewers, 

Today I read a quote about worrying! I find that worrying can take any joyous moment and turn it into a watch for the clock. You’re constantly waiting for the next moment when something may or may not go right and therefore not living in the moment and living life. It also said that one worries when they don’t have anything to worry about, which I must say I’ve definitely experienced!! This happens to me all the time actually. Like everything is going so well and sometimes I’m like okay what’s going to happen next! That’s not the fun way to go through life though. The goal is to get to a place where you have absolutely nothing to worry about including the fact that you have nothing to worry about!! Though it’s hard to set the worrying aside sometimes, what’s going to happen is going to happen so might as well not worry about anything, right? Try and see if you can go the whole day tomorrow without worrying about anything!! I’m going to try also :)! 

“Life isn’t about worrying about the next thing that’s going to happen, it’s about wondering and dreaming about the next thing that is going to happen”!!! 


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