Day One Thousand and One 

Hi Viewers, 

Wow!! 1,001! That was crazy to write too!! 

Thank you for all of your amazing comments and for a record breaking amount of views for this blog ever!! Just goes to show what I said yesterday about you guys all being so special! 

Happy friends day!! This is such an awesome day because it gives you a chance to reflect on how amazing the people surrounding you truly are! They shape your personality and they help boost your mood from wherever point it’s at to even happier. 

“I am me because of you; Ubuntu” Mark Hayes! 

Your friends and your people begin to define pieces of you and help you to become your true self. They transform you into the ideal person you can be at your happiest! As today is friends day, tell your besties how much they mean to you and how grateful you are that they impact your life in such a positive way! You can never thank people too many times for being the special creatures they are! 🙂


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