Day One Thousand 

Hi Viewers,

Happy day 1000! Wow that’s a crazy sentence!! When I started this in the summer going into Freshman year, I was feeling lost. I wanted a way to make others happy while giving myself something to do that would make me fulfilled. I didn’t have a group of friends that built me up, I didn’t have a perfect place at school, and I didn’t have that feeling of being happy and satisfied with my accomplishments! In the last 1,000 days that has all changed!!! I have now several groups of amazing friends that make me smile all the time and are so kind that we have compliment offs because they are all so perfect! I love school and I jump (fall) out of bed everyday just looking forward to spending time with my peers and my incredible teachers and to be in an environment that makes me feel like anything is possible! I do community service to my hearts content and have friends and family that like to do it with me!! I spend even more time with my family than I ever have which is phenomenal and makes me happier than ever because I could never ask for better friends and role models! I truly believe that those positive vibes and that complete 360 was because I remembered everyday to smile and I followed something through as long as I have! It’s just astounding to me and I’m so grateful that you all read this! 

The truth is my favorite thing about writing this blog every day is getting a chance to make you smile, you are so special and kind for always listening and I want to spread the joy! Speaking of how special you guys are, something happened today that was the nicest thing that’s ever happened to me. I knew from the moment I saw the name on the envelope that my year was about to be made: it was from my favorite teacher, my most loyal blog follower, the correction fairy for all problems, and the reason I will always love math. There didn’t even need to be anything inside the letter because I just jumped with excitement as soon as I saw the name attached to it. When I turned it over and popped open the seal with excitement, I never expected what happened next! Suddenly confetti exploded and popped right at me from within the envelope as well as an amazing card congratulating me on 1,000 days! I felt immense joy and it was as if a ray of sunshine was beaming from the card!!!! Is there any greater cause for happiness and smiley faces than knowing that a person as amazing as her exists in our world? Thank you so much!!!! 

“Throw kindness around like confetti” 😉 Bob Goff! Quite fitting for an beautiful gesture and an awe inspiring gift of kindness! 

Thank you all for being so incredible and for reading my blog and for letting me send you smiles!!! I can’t believe it’s 1,000 days 😊 I’m just in pure bliss and it’s all thanks to you truly special people! I can’t wait for the next 1,000 and beyond! I hope you can spread some more kindness and love today! Thank you!!!!! 


13 thoughts on “Day One Thousand 

  1. My gosh, day 1000!!!!! Thanks so much for your commitment to this joy filled endeavor, Sam. You’re amazing!

  2. Way to go!!! You give us a reason to smile and hope in these sometimes dreary days. Thanks for the sunshine ☀️

  3. Samantha, you are an inspiration. I am going to share this with my granddaughter Alexandra. She is having difficulty with kids at school, and does not leap out of bed with exuberance each morning. She too is a very bright young woman. We keep telling her that once she gets to high school her life will change and her circle of friends will grow beyond belief. I must say you and Jack are fondly spoken of by Bud. Just mentioning your name in Bud’s presence brings a huge smile to his face.🐶

    • Cheryle, you’re amazing!! Alexandra sounds amazing! School can be so tricky until you find your spot and it’s so hard to finally get there, if she ever needs anything, maybe I can reach out to her!! ❤️ you too are fondly spoken of by Bud so we’re in good company!!

  4. Congrats on day 1000! Awesome…
    Because I do so much work with positive energy, I often use the saying you attribute to Bob Goff as “Throw positive energy around like confetti”.

  5. This is amazing! I am so happy for you and I can’t wait to see the way you will make this world a better place.
    ps….glad you still like math 🙂

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