Day Nine Hundred and Ninety Five

Hi Viewers, 

Do you ever just feel so blissful that it’s like the world stops and you can lean down and twirl with the butterflies while smelling the roses? Today on the bus on the way home from my midterms, I was talking to my new friends! Recently all of my 7 fellow bus riders and I have begun to strike up conversation and friendship! It’s quite phenomenal! I got off the bus with the promise of the weekend and with my spirits flying in the air! I had my music blasting and I skipped all the way home. As I skipped (I also actually danced) I smiled and I thought about all the amazing things that I’m so lucky to have! I have my health and my friends and my school and my family and my smiley faces! What could be better? My new friends came over tonight and I felt like the cloud I was floating on flew even higher when they got here! We jumped on a moon bounce, made ice cream sundaes, and danced to our hearts content! Right in that momen I just felt pure happiness!  After our screaming singing and our jubilant dancing, we retired to watch Anastasia and the Sound of Music! They just said the line “How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?,” I realized that as long as I keep remembering the positives and the happiness all around me, the cloud I’m floating on will never be pinned down! It will rise over any obstacles as long as it is inflated by the good around me! 

“As soon as you find your cloud, the one that picks you up and makes you float with joy, as long as you stay positive, you’ll never stop flying”!!! 


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