Day Nine Hundred and Ninety Four

Hi Viewers, 

We always talk about stepping into someone else’s shoes but often times we don’t. We are hindered by judgement and unable to understand everything that makes up someone’s life and sole. I think that though it is very challenging to do, it is so critical. I have friends this year that are new to this school but not only are they new to the school, they are new to the US! I can’t imagine what it must be like for them to be around everyone speaking another language and having all different customs and cultures surrounding them at all times. It’s very hard to be patient with people especially when they have difficulties with languages or with subjects that we have here. It’s difficult for us to put ourselves in the shoes of someone experiencing anything we aren’t, but that’s exactly when it is most important because when no one can understand the plight of another, that’s when we need compassion!!! 

“When you find it the most challenging to imagine the lives of others, that’s when it’s the most meaningful to be there for them” 


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