Day Nine Hundred and Eighty Eight

Hi Viewers, 

Today I ran into a girl, who I happen to know talks about me behind my back negatively! I decided to go high when she went low, like Michelle Obama told us all to! As I was complimenting her to her face as opposed to what she says behind my back, I couldn’t stop thinking about how good it made me feel to know I was taking the high road! Then I turned around while checking out and I saw this lovely bag filled to the brim with smiley faces and happiness, a little sign that the world was going right. 

“The next four years are going to be riddled with unkindness and fear, but if you project love and kindness, happiness will always be near”



2 thoughts on “Day Nine Hundred and Eighty Eight

  1. Your comment this evening gives me hope for our country’s future, Samantha! I totally agree with you and give thanks for your wisdom.

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