Day Nine Hundred and Eighty Five 

Hi Viewers, 

This week and next week are midterm week meaning that it’s crunch time at school! My teacher told us yesterday that there is a negative relationship with stress and compassion. As you stress levels rise, your level of compassion greatly decreases. This was such a scary statistic/fact so I have been trying to counteract it anyway I can! Today I had a presentation that I was just so worried for and my friends were the embodiment of compassion! They lifted me up and supported me before my presentation listening to me practice it several times and telling me it’s positive attributes. They supported me during it by paying attention and giving eye contact so I wouldn’t get nervous. They even helped after by complimenting it! Like how amazing is that?? I can’t believe it but they counteracted that fact and brought such amazing vibes and positive energy!! Yet another amazing thing that I love about my school! :):):)

“People are the key, stress comes and goes but friends are there for you no matter what” !!!


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