Day Nine Hundred and Eighty One

Hi Viewers,

Little kids are the key to the world! I got to see my precious little cousins today and instantly I was filled with love! Nothing else mattered when I was with them but their beautiful, sweet, cheerful disposition and their incredible personalities. Everything else went out of focus and the only thing that mattered to me was them! To be so enamored with  two people was such a powerful feeling, I was just captivated by their hysterical little giggles and their crawling! It was astonishing how much I just loved them and wanted to be in their presence forever! There’s something so incredibly special about these two cuties that I never want to spend anytime without them!! How were your Saturdays?? 

“Little kids see the world in its rawest, happiest form, and light the way for others to see it in the same beautiful glow”!!


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