Day Nine Hundred and Seventy Five

Hi Viewers, 

I’ve loved Meryl Streep since I was 7 years old. The day I turned on the tv and saw her frolicking down the shores of Greece in commercials for Mamma Mia! I then went to watch the movie a minimum of seven times in the theaters! I sat in that theater looking up into her smiling face with wonder and marvel at her impeccable acting and performing. I sat and sang my heart out empowered by her beauty to be whomever I wanted to be. I proceeded to go on Meryl Streep movie binges where I was just so astonished that I could spend hours watching her perform. I watched it’s complicated and saw an amazing side of her where she let loose and had so much fun. I watched that over and over again always giggling at her hand motions and expressions. I watched into the woods until I memorized every line she had. Tonight as I watched her win the lifetime award and deliver a speech that touched my heart both because it was from her and because it spoke to the most devastating and despicable moment to ever happen and how she handled it with grace made me love her more than ever before!! 

“There are some greats that are more than greats, they are wonders that enrich the world around them with every word they speak, those include Meryl Streep” 


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