Day Nine Hundred and Sixty Seven 

Hi Viewers, 

Happy New Years Eve!!!! This year has been phenomenal! I made new friends and kept the old so now I have an abundance of wonderful people around me! I have friends and family that I adore! I had another year of blogging with you guys which spreads daily happiness for me and hopefully for you also! I got to start a new program at school which is filled with amazing teachers as well as more incredible people!! I got to have new opportunities volunteering for numerous organizations like Fred’s Footsteps and Project H.O.M.E. Though 2016 was great in most aspects, it was devastating in celebrity deaths and in certain other political aspects! I’m hoping that next year is full of love and peace and strength together! I hope that there is more kindness towards everyone and that people are more accepting of everyone around them! I hope that this blog will go on for another year and you’ll all keep reading and that I can spread the smiles even farther than this year!! 

“A new year with new chances and opportunities is like one giant Monday, more chances to show your worth and seize more days”!! So seize the day, seize the year!! I’ll see you next year, Happy 2017! Until then…… 


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