Day Nine Hundred and Sixty Three

Hi Viewers, 

Tonight my grandmother had this wonderful soirée with all of her/my friends! They’re really her friends but we’ve become very very close over the years! I got to talk to several of my favorite people and I got to chat with so many new people!! It was so fun and exciting but that was not the best part of the day! The best part of the day was when my mom and my brother and I took the golf cart out for a spin after the party was over. We went out and then realized that the Florida wind was too strong and came back and bundled up in our Christmas jammies for another adventure! We drove and laughed and giggled and sang and chatted and it was probably one of the highlights of all of December because it felt like we really were surrounded by and exuding the holiday spirit! 

“Even small adventures lead to large happiness when you make the most out of them with people who make the best person come out of you”!!!! 


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