Day Nine Hundred and Sixry 

Hi Viewers, 

I talk about my family all the time on here, but today was different! It was my birthday and I always love my birthday!! I woke up to find my brother sitting on the couch giggling his adorable and precious little laugh that makes me want to bottle it and save it for the rest of time! Then I went to lunch with my family which was so nice and we just sat and chatted for almost two hours! Then I texted my dad!! Then we spent time driving my friend back to his house after he came to spend time with us and we spent the car ride back laughing again!! Then we came back and I hugged my mom a million times for all the wonderful things she did and what a phenomenal person she is and then jack came into our hug and made it a group hug!! Then slowly my grandmother found herself in our hug and then my aunt!! It’s called a beevoc in Panama and it’s where you gather around in a little circle filled with love!! We had a marvelous dinner and then came home to a beautiful house with presents and cake!! My family did all of that amazing stuff for me ❤️! Now as I am fading off to sleep, I got to scroll through all my lovely birthday comments!! This day was truly magical! 

“The best thing about Birthdays is seeing the beautiful orchestration and culmination of the love of others all around you”


2 thoughts on “Day Nine Hundred and Sixry 

  1. Oh Samantha, what a beautiful story. I give thanks for your life and for our friendship. Happy Borthday’!!!!

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