Day Nine Hundred and Fifty Five

Hi Viewers,

Today I listened to the founder of BuildOn, Jim Zolkowski! He was an amazing speaker and as he spoke it made me want to jump up! I wanted to go right then and there to volunteer somewhere and help someone! It made me so inspired! I think the best thing that he said was that though he had met Obama and Mother Theresa, the true heroes were in all of the villages he had visited! The slave that worked endlessly on his only day off to build a school so his child could flourish! The woman who was inspired by service and serving food at a soup kitchen after the death of her brother! The two trek team members who built each other up and made each other stronger! 

“Of all of the people in this world, often the ones who work tirelessly and endlessly to make a change aren’t recognized! The true heroes reside in every city and they do critical things that are instrumental to their community and the people around them! They are single handedly changing the world!” 


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