Day Nine Hundred and Fifty Four

Hi Viewers, 

Today was honestly so special!!! My biology friend squad threw me a surprise early birthday party!!! How incredible is that? It was honestly the most amazing thing because not only was it so kind of them to even think of doing it, but they orchestrated it so well!!! They came prepared with beautiful decorations and balloons that they got to stick to my ceiling and presents and food and everything!! It was just so beyond nice! It was so unexpected and made the whole year for me! Honestly these people so didn’t need to in the first place because they are constantly special and happy and loving but the fact that they went above and beyond for me….was just too sweet for words! There’s something truly special about each of them!! I hope you all have true friends like them!!! 

“A true friend is worth 100 fake friends put together, but several true friends, are priceless”!!!  


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