Day Nine Hundred and Forty Nine


Hi Viewers,

What a day to be alive!? Honestly isn’t every day just such a gift! Today I just went about my business and gave my 100% to everything! I also have to tell you that the reason I am able to do this is because I got a well needed nap. There are definitely some perks to naps that many people don’t realize. One, instead of wasting your time doing something unnecessary like watching TV, you are getting sleep! This means that even if you stay up late working, it is ok because you already got some of your necessary sleep. The second benefit is that you take the edge off your exhaustion ensuring that your work (whatever kind it may be) is done to your true caliber. Third, it is really nice to take a break and let your brain unwind from the activities and occurrences of a busy day! What could be a better way to spend your afternoons? : )

“But the important thing is to lie down and fall asleep. That little nap means you wake up fresh again and can continue.” James Levine!


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