Day Nine Hundred and Forty Four

Hi Viewers,

Today during a theory of knowledge session, I learned something crucial to human interaction! Apparently, for every one comment you make insulting someone else, it takes five positive comments of reinforcement to boost their self confidence back up. Not fake made up comments but real compliments about them or their accomplishments. Now that we all know about the 5:1 ratio, we know how much is necessary to build someone back up after you say something  tearing them down. Even if it isn’t bad or that harsh, it seems worse to them and the other person just needs a little help to rebound!! Isn’t it great that we know? Now you never have to leave someone upset because you can turn it around and make them happy still! 

“If you’re happy, why not spread around the happiness and make sure your sunny joy is infectious”!!! 



One thought on “Day Nine Hundred and Forty Four

  1. This should be required reading for everyone! At work today someone was upset about what people had said about him and he was feeling very down so I followed your example and told him what a great job I thought he was doing and someone else heard me and echoed the sentiment. It’s all about spreading the sunshine but not just this season always!!! Thanks for the daily reminders….. XO

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