Day Nine Hundred and Forty Three

Hi Viewers, 

How phenomenal is life? For Christmas, we ordered matching teddy bears with little Christmas sweaters. My brother and I spent an abundance of time deciding which outfit they should wear and which color/type of bear we should get. I’ve been waiting for them to arrive and bring a little burst of love and joy. Tonight, while I was not feeling well and coughing, the teddy bears arrived in the mail. I was able to cuddle with it and smile jubilantly!! Isn’t that timing and everything just so happy?! It made me feel like it was some sort of sweet sign or something. 

“Sometimes everything in the universe just clicks and comes together perfectly in harmony” :):) 

How are your weeks? 


One thought on “Day Nine Hundred and Forty Three

  1. Is this your Picasso line drawing?? It’s fantastic. Glad to hear Christmas gift buying is such a positive experience for you and Jack. Send some my way!!

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