Day Nine Hundred and Forty Two

Hi Viewers, 

Guess what? I put out positive Monday vibes and they boomeranged back to me! Tonight my evening was service filled with the most exciting piece being the first ever meeting for young friends of Freds Footsteps! I’ve been dreaming and hoping this would happen for over three years so to finally see it come to fruition was a dream come true! Isn’t it just phenomenal that people can make something beautiful based off of just one idea and then create a million more ways to affect change??! 

“There’s always a way to make a difference and change lives, you just have to seek for it” :):) So happy! 

How did it work for you guys? Did you spread your Monday cheer and end up with a wonderful week? 


One thought on “Day Nine Hundred and Forty Two

  1. You are an inspiration to the young Fred’s Footsteps members and also to the older Fred’s Footsteps members!

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