Day Nine Hundred and Thirty Seven 

Hi Viewers, 

In the past when it was someone’s birthday, I would do something for them so they would know that someone remembered them. This year I’m trying a different approach! When I know an event like a birthday that needs to be acknowledged it dawned on me that it would be better if I shared it with everyone! Then, when the person whose birthday it is can feel loved and valued from everyone around him/her! It’s honestly a tiny bit less fun up front when I’m making something because I know it isn’t as much of a surprise or a treat from me that might lead to a long lasting relationship. I think that’s a quality that a lot of us may have where we are scared that giving others the same information and knowledge and things, dulls your specialness or sparkle. No one gets to dull your sparkle, because you shine brighter when you do things to help the people around you!! In the end, even if no one knows an action originated from you, does it really matter? You are just helping to lend a helping hand and not for the praise/credit. For me, the best experience is looking at that persons wide smile when they realize that everyone is showering love upon them. What more can you wish for? That smile and happiness bring me all the joy in the world! 

“Together we can make the world a happier place where we celebrate a fellow persons birthday and their accomplishments” ❤ 


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