Day Nine Hundred and Thirty Six

Hi Viewers, 
Giving Tuesday was just phenomenal. It wasn’t one of those days, at least for me, where you do like giant volunteer projects. It was a day to watch the dominoes of kindness cascade down the hallways. I watched someone get the courage to raise their hand in class, answer a question and then have a friend high five then because they aced the question. I saw someone drop his lunch and kids spring up to help him pick it up. Then I had the privilege to attend a holiday party for Freds Footsteps! An organization that I not only adore for the work they do but for the people who are involved. I was just amongst so many incredible people filled with the giving spirit and giving off such beautiful, positive vibes. 

I think my day was one that should exist every day. The things that I noticed were not prompted by anything which means that all of these nice people do all their marvelous kind acts every day, so it does exist everyday. It depends who you’re around and what you choose to be involved in, but once you find the giving Tuesday/everyday people, they change you for the better 😉 

“People that are kind just purely to be kind are always skipping to the finish line and then to the extra mile always making sure that they don’t leave anyone behind.” : ) 


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