Day Nine Hundred and Twenty Nine 

Hi Viewers, 

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m so thankful for so many incredible things in my life! I’m grateful for my family, the people who support me no matter what and who make me giggle constantly. As I feel happy or sad or lost or confused or excited, they experience it and make everything into something special and every moment into a gift. I’m grateful for my friends that smile at me in the hallways and always say nice things just to make me happy!! I’m grateful for my school that makes me feel so empowered to do anything and gives me the chance to be myself and change the/my world. I’m grateful for this blog and for all of you, because you make it possible for me to spread smiles!! I’m grateful for my friends that welcome my family to their thanksgiving every year and that embrace us as family. One of the youngest people in attendance at dinner made a profound toast tonight, where he said that we should all be incredibly thankful for the food on our table and for the roof over our heads because some people don’t have homes and some people can’t eat. This touching toast by my new favorite nine year old reminded me how lucky I am and how often I take that for granted, but I loved that he appreciated this and already seemed inclined to do something to change homelessness!! Luckily my super school had us all donate food for families that couldn’t afford it, and my club supporting people experiencing homelessness was able to give them food for Thanksgiving! 

“The world is a cornucopia of wonderful adults and brilliant kids and special people that should always be treated with love and appreciated for how great they are”   


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