Day Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight

Hi Viewers, 

While I had the pleasure of seeing old special friends tonight, I was pondering all of the things I’m thankful for! The world is really just an amazing place and I’m so lucky that I’ve carved out a place for myself within it! Even for the people you don’t like, there is always something to be found that you can appreciate or compliment. I’m challenging you all to do that and just think about what you are grateful from every person in your life, and tell them!! Too often, appreciation is not properly expressed and so many people live not knowing how grateful for them you truly are!! Think about their greatness, and tell them how thankful for them you are every day! 

“For everyone near and far, take a second to think about how thankful for them you are” ❤ 

Happy Almost Thanksgiving :)! 



2 thoughts on “Day Nine Hundred and Twenty Eight

  1. Samantha…I think you are pretty great and the world is a better place because you are in it. Happy Thanksgiving 😊

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