Day Nine Hundred and Twenty Seven 

Hi Viewers, 

I hope you all spread some smiles today!! I know I loved sending smiles other people’s ways!!! I was in the UN today which is where this smiley face was located. The moment I walked in, I felt like I was a key component of something larger. Larger than myself, larger than my fantabulous school, larger than PA, and larger than the US. I’ve been there once before and it is just a place where the walls are filled with hope and the gavels are filled with the ability to save people’s lives and take action. I hope one day that I can go back and make an impact. As I sat there surrounded by the miraculous walls and gazing around in awe and wonder, I found myself hoping that one day I would sit in those chairs  and make a positive impact on the world surrounding me. 

“The walls and chairs of the UN, whether or not assembly is in session, possess such a unique and everlasting beauty because they contain the world leaders that have the power to change the world in their hands” :):):):))



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