Day Nine Hundred and Twenty Five

Hi Viewers, 

It’s so nice to just sit down with your family like I did tonight and just giggle. I had been going ahead in my homework for the week but I hadn’t done my art book because I didn’t think it would be due tomorrow but then I found out it was and the stress set in!! But the stress was irrelevant as soon as my mom and brother began laughing because I knew that everything would forever be wonderful if I could just live in that moment forever smiling as wide as I possibly could. Then I realized that moment didn’t have to last forever because every night is another treat and it happens again and again and again. I think that whenever you are faced with a horrid occurrence or bad situation, if you look back on happy times like this or imagine how funny it would be to laugh at this situation in the future, then nothing is really insurmountable. Last week I was at the orthodontist and for some reason she just doesn’t like me, so I’m always scared that she’ll get mad and yell at me. As I was sitting in the chair and she walked over preparing for her to yell, I realized how funny it would be to tell this story to my family and suddenly it didn’t feel as scary anymore. 

“Nothing is as bad as it feels at the time, imagine looking back and laughing at it in two weeks or a year or ten years, and think about how you could change what was happening if you were thinking about how trivial it was in actuality” 

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and have a spectacular week!! 


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