Day Nine Hundred and Nineteen

Hi Viewers,

Don’t you love it when you are on the exact same page with someone? Like today I got home from school and I was really in the mood to order pizza just for fun, which we almost never do but today just felt like the day for it. Then my brother literally responds with his order all ready to go for the two of us. I walk in the door and he’s waiting for me and I just wanted to do nothing but hang out with him and watch a movie. Then he says he’s going to watch Harry Potter and I should join!!! It was literally like we were on the same page of the universe’s life together! 

“There are some bonds that require very little talking (though it’s always a lot of chatter)  to completely understand the expression or feelings of another, like the one I have with my brother” 

Hope you all had wonderful days!!! 

XOXO.  S. 

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