Day Nine Hundred and Eighteen 

Hi Viewers, 

Happy World Kindness Day!!! I think this day of positivity is something we are all craving right now! I personally got so wrapped up in the happiness of today and my smiles increased! First I was at the JRA (Jewish relief agency) and I knew it was world kindness day but I had forgotten, and they had stickers for the day! “Being kind is cool”!! How cool is that? I mean being kind is just so cool and so were these stickers. What a great way to begin the morning?! Then I had some time in between my next meeting and spent it with my family, which always brings smiles and kindness! I went next to my board meeting where I had the privilege of being with other like minded teens wanting to help the community and we just planned ways to volunteer and spread the word about how to do more service!! Kindness!! I think that we all needed a dose of kindness and compassion after this week and World Kindness Day just fell at such a perfect time!! 

How were your world kindness days? Did you spread the kindness bug?? I’m sure that just by talking to someone else, you were all kind today : )! 

“Kindness is special because it triumphs over fear and hatred to bring smiles to everyone” : ) 


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