Day Nine Hundred and Fourteen 

Hi Viewers, 

Love to all! As someone who works every day to bring a smile and happiness to the world and those around me, this day and this election have been riddled with the things that make me so sad. The hatred ballooning up amongst people everywhere is distressing. The compassion and love and smiles are fading, but we must bring them back to the forefront. 

In being me, I’ve experienced the negative but also the positive this week. Today, that was the negative, I woke up from a dream to a certain nightmare. 

But the other day I was volunteering at special olympics and two of the most heart warming things happened around me that I feel you need to hear today. The first is that after we served the food to the first wave of athletes, one of them came back. I thought he was seeking more curly fries, yet he just came back with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen that was wide and toothy and spilling over with compassion. He came up and said I just wanted to say thank you, this was delicious. How kind is that? I was beyond moved. 

The second amazing thing is the tireless work that lunch ladies do every day. They are never thanked and no one ever appreciates everything they do day after day. I was scooping the curly fries and chatting with the people coming through the line when the steam and smells seemed overpowering and I didn’t know if I would be able to soldier on. They scoop food onto our plates and make such sweet conversation that fills everyone’s days and especially mine with happiness. They deserve such appreciation and gratitude from every single student and person for giving us delicious food but also a smile and a sweet conversation! Thank you to everyone who does jobs that are tireless and require tons of effort and don’t get the gratitude they deserve. I see you. That’s only one person but that’s a person that appreciates everything you are and do. And now, it’s all of you, appreciating each other creating harmony and mutual admiration. 

“In this face of hatred and terror, the preservation of love and happiness is more critical than it ever will be” ❤ 

Try to dream sweetly tonight! : ) 


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