Day Nine Hundred and Thirteen 

Hi Viewers, 

Waiting to elect hopefully our first woman president! Hoping to elect someone that would never tear down my beautiful friends with special needs, or to insult my friends that are immigrants, or to diminish women day after day after day! Hoping to elect someone that inspires things like the pantsuit nation not brutal acts and negative ways of thinking! Hoping that this day will go down in history as the day that the definition of president includes a man or a woman. Hoping that for me and for every girl out there, they will now know that they too can be president. So hopeful! 

“When they go low, we go high, as a nation, we must collectively go high in order to create a beautiful world” ❤️Michelle Obama plus an add on by me

No matter what your political beliefs, good luck in this election! Tomorrow or tonight marks the time that we can stop being divided and start coming together! You might not share my beliefs, and that’s ok, don’t be mad about them. This is just where I stand, it doesn’t mean I’m trying to tell you what to believe. 


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