Day Nine Hundred and Seven 

Hi Viewers, 

I saw a quote just now that I love, truly love! 

“So many years of education yet nobody ever taught us how to love ourselves and why it’s so important” Project Happiness 

I think that this is true so many places, but not at my school!! In fact, the Wabi Sabi concept that I talked about last week, is doing exactly this!! (Finding perfection in imperfection)! Every little thing that we hate about ourselves or that leaves us unhappy sometimes, may only feel that way to you because all we see are your gorgeous selves! But the most important thing is to abandon those imperfections and see the beauty in ourselves! My English teacher created this environment where we feel comfortable confiding in one another about something that we feel is a flaw or an imperfection and how it is actually perfection! There were two key pieces to this project!! The first one was to write about your Wabi Sabi and therefore you had to deal with your own emotions and process ideas you might not have thought of before! The second part is once we shared (though we didn’t have to, many people did), we all propped each other up! It just shows you that no matter what you learn in a classroom, the most important lesson you can learn, hopefully from a teacher like mine or a kind person or a treasured friend, is that you are beautiful inside and out! Your flaws add to who you are and make you more dazzling than you could be if everyone/ you were perfect! 

Good Night! Find the good in yourselves as you drift on to sleep or start your day in the morning!! 


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