Day Nine Hundred and Five 

Hi Viewers, 

Happy Halloween!! I chose to wear the above costume representing the person I am every day!! It was the whole size of me and it made me feel surrounded in a cloud of happiness! Today while we were driving around the neighborhood and saw the jubilant jumping of little kids from lawn to lawn, I felt such joy. They were just filled to the brim with excitement and it was honestly the cutest thing on the world! Sometimes for older kids, Halloween becomes a time to wear an inappropriate costume or to make a bold choice. I think that taking a step back and seeing the holiday as a time to feast on candy and experience the thrill of knocking on strangers doors, makes it a lot more fun!! Halloween is just about a fun adventure that could take you anywhere to meet new people and delight in new treats!! 

“Halloween is a day for new exciting adventures and for dressing up the way you love to express a fantastical part of yourself”!!!! : ) 

I hope you all had a spooktacular Halloween 🙂 



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