Day Nine Hundred and Two


Hi Viewers, 

Today we had a pep rally at school and wow, it was spectacular! I know it’s a pep rally but it honestly lived up to the name and put so much extra pep in my step! The teachers danced and the volleyball team danced, along with the football and cheerleading teams! It was so much fun and I love the teachers dance because it is a glimpse into them as people. Even though all of the kids know them, they know themselves in the context of school but when teachers divulge pieces of themselves, kids learn how to better relate to them! I feel like this is so important because kids prefer to relate with their teachers! I also just loved the music and excitement level and school spirit!! We were all one group in that moment coming together as a powerful force to be reckoned with!! What gives you pep in your step? Don’t you just love when you see someone in a different way? Or when you get to have a dance party/can dance with such enthusiasm?!!!! 

“Steps are nothing without pep, because the distance isn’t enjoyable to go, but when there is pep in your step, it is exciting and fun to go the extra mile”!!! 

: )

XOXO.  S. 

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