Day Eight Hundred and Eighty Nine 

Hi Viewers, 

An extraordinary man stood behind me in the line to the bank today. He was what a penny giver! I was cashing a check and the amount was 99 cents and the bank teller asked if I had a penny so she could just give me a dollar instead. I didn’t have  a penny but the man behind me said “excuse me, I have a penny”! How nice is that? He then left and stopped and wished us a lovely day! It was just so spectacular! 

It was so special because it felt like the pennies were circling back to me! Every time I get a penny, I throw it in the air and make sure it lands on its head. This is so other people can find lucky pennies and enrich their daily lives! Finally today, my penny came back to me! 

“A penny person: a giver of anything to help another person regardless of the monetary value!” 


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