Day Eight Hundred and Eighty Six 

Hi Viewers, 

So today while we were watching services for Yom Kippur, a man fainted. It was truly horrific and I was unsure if he was going to get up!! Usually there is this rule that says if you drop a Torah(he fell while holding it), you must fast for 40 days. Everyone was buzzing about it and my brother and I were dying to know if they would mention it! Instead, they addressed it by saying that the Torah is important but the person even more so! He talked about how special it was that the community cared more about the person and instinctively reached for the person! It was honestly so nice everyone just jumped up and helped him in any way they could! 

“People are what matter in this world, they are no where near as important as any material object, so always reach for the person first” 😉 



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